How to Deal With the Tantrums in the Park

Taking your child to the park is a wonderful activity for both of you. But, the children need no logical reason to start having a meltdown even at the times when they are busy in their favorite activities. So, when they start making a tantrum in the park, it could be an awful time for you because you came in the park to have some time to relax and enjoy the environment. Things can be even more disturbing when you are going to follow a tight schedule and you have just a couple of hours to relax.

One thing worth mentioning here is that only a small effort can help you overcome the situation. If you are patient enough to tolerate the meltdown while being empathetic to the kid, you are most likely to get the kid busy in her/his activity again. But, there can be times when you are not in a position to show your love to the child because of any reason. In that scenario, there are certain things that you can do to contain situation in a better way.

When you see that your child is about to make tantrum, you can start following your scheduled routine at least half an hour earlier. For instance, if you are supposed to pick your older child from school, you can drive to the school’s playground and wait for your child while letting your younger child to play (or even make a tantrum).

Look at thing from the child’s perspective
If your child doesn’t want to leave the park while going through a meltdown, the best thing you can do is to develop a sense of affection towards your child by looking at things the way your child does. This way, you will automatically start acting like you understand the child. When children feel that are being understood, they naturally get ready follow what are going to be asked. Hence, you will need to make sure that your child feels that you have taken his demands into the account.

Distraction can be helpful
Sometimes, you can engage your child in some other activity to help them forget about the meltdown. This trick doesn’t always work but it does work most of the times. You can provide your child with his favorite snack or you can let him unlock the car’s door. Children tend to get what they like, and the wonderful thing is that you can make them develop interests towards anything you like. It’s just the right trick that you need to apply.

Let you older child convince the younger one
Younger kids like to follow their older siblings. So, when you see that your younger child is about to make a tantrum or even going through the meltdown, you can tell your older child something he/she would like. When the older kid gets excited about anything, he can convince the younger sibling about it.